Galgorm Counselling Valerie A. Adams PG Dip Couns. Dip Sup. MBACP

Find peace of mind
Enjoy being you
Live your life fully


At Galgorm Counselling you will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a confidential and respectful environment in which to explore your issues and share personal matters
  • Talk about personal, family or relationship issues and be really listened to, heard and not judged or labelled
  • Meet once weekly to support you through a difficult time in your life
  • Clarify and gain a fresh perspective and understanding of your issues
  • Get to the 'heart of the matter' and identify any underlying causes so that your issues are fully addressed
  • Discover how your current perception of yourself and your patterns of relating with others can be influenced by past experience
  • Decide and act on the best way forward for you
  • Realise that you are more than your current difficulty
  • Find your true essence and realise more of your potential
  • Find renewed meaning and purpose in life
  • Get to know, understand and appreciate yourself better. This will equip you to progress on your onward journey through life with renewed confidence and enthusiasm

Benefits of Private Counselling

  • Short Waiting List: I aim to meet with you within a week of contact
  • Choice of Counsellor: You choose rather than being subject to referral by another
  • One Contact person: No referral process, so you share your issues with only one person
  • Written records: Your attendance is not recorded in your NHS or educational records
  • Number of Session: You are not restricted to the number of sessions on offer
'Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by an encounter with another human being.' Albert Schweitzer