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About Therapy.

What is Psychosynthesis Counselling?


  • Is a psychology of hope.
    This means that as well as addressing current problems, the counsellor holds the context that there is another way of being in relation to yourself, others and your life that is trying to emerge and find expression.
    In this way problems are seen as opportunities for personal development and growth.
  • Offers an in-depth and inclusive understanding of the human psyche that equips the counsellor to address a wide range of issues.
  • Is a highly skilled, creative and effective yet gentle approach and best understood and appreciated from direct experience of this kind of therapy at Galgorm Counselling.

As well as meeting your immediate needs to address your issues you could find the experience of this form of counselling enlightening and enriching.

'The meaning which each individual gives to life, or is looking for in life is of central importance.' Roberto Assagioli (Founder of Psychosynthesis)